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Skin needling

Who is it for?

Facial rejuvenation with minimal downtime Aging skin Stubborn Pigmentation Enlarged Pores Acne or surgical scarring


SkinPen® is a microneedling medical device used for the treatment of melasma, surgical scars and acne scars through collagen induction therapy. Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure involving the movement of a pen-like device with an attached sterile, disposable cartridge tip containing small needles over the skin’s surface. The microneedles puncture the skin and create tiny micro injuries that are not visible to the naked eye. These tiny punctures stimulate tissue regeneration through a process called collagen induction therapy (CIT) which improves the appearance of the skin.

The process of CIT is instigated through the breaking of the old and damaged strands of collagen in target tissues via microneedling. This leads to the production of new collagen, which improves the structure and function of the skin while improving its appearance (texture and tone).

SkinPen® is the only needling device recognized by the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods and can only be administered by a medically trained practitioner. SkinPen® is safer and is producing more dramatic results than any other needling treatments available.


Stimulates cell proliferation and collagen remodelling. Increase in collagen and elastin, improves skin texture and firmness. Breaks down scar tissue to repair acne scarring, stretch marks and surgical scars. Harmonises pigmentation, including melasma.

The epidermis (outer layer of the skin) remains intact, which eliminates most of the risks and negative side effects. SkinPen® treatments can be customized to target specific problem areas. Minimal downtime required after the treatment in comparison to other skin rejuvenation treatments. Tissue remodelling continues for months following micro needling treatments, continuing to improve the quality and quantity of collagen and elastin in the skin.


Microneedling procedures are generally deemed minimally invasive with a low risk of adverse events and complications as long as treatment instructions and pre and post skincare advice is followed effectively. On rare occasions, if not performed by trained professionals, infection or excessive bruising can occur, which is why at Skin Collective we only employ highly skilled health professionals.

SkinPen® treatments completed using anaesthetic cream are not recommended during pregnancy or when breastfeeding.


The number of treatments required is determined by your individual skin type and concerns. As a general rule, the best results are achieved from 3 treatments, 4-6 weeks apart. A tailored treatment plan will be created for you during your consultation.


Prior to commencing a SkinPen® treatment you will speak to one of our trained nurses about your medical history, background and lifestyle. Your skin will be assessed to ensure that the SkinPen® treatment is right you so that you reach your skin goals.

Your skin will be prepared for the treatment through cleansing followed by preparation with a disinfecting agent. Your treating practitioner may advise the use of a topical anaesthetic to ease treatment discomfort, which is determined during your consultation. If required, a local anaesthetic cream is applied and allowed to take affect for up to half an hour.

SkinFuse® Lift HG (a hydrogel product) is applied to the skin’s surface during the procedure. It is specifically designed and formulated for use with microneedling procedures to prevent against friction and abrasion during the treatment. The SkinPen® hand-piece is moved around the face, gently stamping the skin to stimulate cell production and skin repair. 60-minute treatment


The level of discomfort felt during this procedure varies from person to person. SkinPen® procedures can be performed with local anaesthesia, which significantly reduces any discomfort that may be felt. We would rate the pain of a SkinPen® procedure at approximately two to five out of ten without local anaesthetic, which can be reduced to as low as zero when it is applied.


The following are expected following SkinPen® procedure with experiences varying between clients: Low grade redness and swelling for up to 4 days post treatment Slight discomfort subsiding within 24 hours Bruising Mild crusting and scabbing for 2-3 days post treatment Short-term skin dryness, tightness, itching and burning Skin peeling Short-term darkening of skin pigmentation followed by lightening


Skin preparation (skin-priming) is essential prior to all SkinPen® procedures to reduce the incidence of unwanted side effects and complications from cosmetic procedures, and it also assists with the healing required by your skin after treatment. Your treating practitioner will devise a skin-priming regime specifically tailored to match your skin type and to also address your main concerns.

Post procedure the treating practitioner will clean the skin, if required, and apply a generous amount of SkinFuse® Lift HG to the treated area to maintain a moist wound healing environment to support skin recovery. You should avoid the following for at least 24 hours: Strenuous exercise Consumption of alcohol We recommend that for the next two weeks you avoid: Extended exposure to sun or UV light Extended exposure to heat or freezing temperatures

We always recommend the use of sunscreen to prevent damage to the skin. Ensure SPF 30 or above is applied and remember to re-apply throughout the day (every 2 hours).


Full face and neck - $375
(includes LED treatment + home recovery mask)
Hands or neck - $200


Whilst we have seen amazing results from this treatment, please know that results vary and we cannot make guarantees. We recommend an in-depth consultation with one of our lovely practitioners prior to your treatment so that you know how the process works, whether it will be right for your skin type and what results you can expect so that you can reach your desired skin goals.